Mysterious Facts About Chinese Dynasties

 Astrology  In Chinese Dynasties

The Chinese Dynasties has always been mysterious, lovely and alluring. With regards to Chinese ivory sculptures which have had been an intricate part of the culture for centuries and is among the most superb kinds of expression. The artwork of emblematic representation of numerous legends and tales extracted without words were sculpted.


With astrology becoming part of everyday life in that Eastern and Western world, that mystical Chinese calendar of 12 zodiacal animals represented in various substances is hugely popular. In Chinese astrology, those 12 animal signs represent 12 forms of wide ranged personalities. The Many creatures utilized are
  • Rat, 
  • Ox, 
  • Tiger, 
  • Rabbit, 
  • Dragon, 
  • Snake, 
  • Horse, 
  • Rooster, 
  • Sheep, 
  • Monkey, 
  • Dog 
  • and Pig. 

ivory of mammoth in Chinese

In Chinese astrology, each animal is assigned annually and represents the type of personality an individual is perceived as. Due to its high prevalence, they're often used as emblematic decorations and many superb decorative Zodiac creatures are carved in ivory. There are a number of ivories which are utilized for carving innumerable sculptures representing Zodiac animals and signs.


Initially, Chinese utilized Helmeted Hornbill ivory during those Ming dynasties for the better part of the carvings done during this time. Helmeted Hornbill is a large bird found in Sumatra, Borneo and Malay Isles. As Chinese zodiac animals are traditionally tied into the Dynasties of China since ancient times, a lot of carvings are discovered and are on display in those museums now.

The demand for superb craftsmanship grows, but the supply of natural legal ivory has been limited in the last couple of decades due into illegal poaching and killing of the two elephants along with other endangered species like walrus, narwhale, and hornbills. With those result, ivory procured from those extinct woolly mammoths became that only natural ivory which meets international legal standards.

Chinese zodiac creatures (mammoth)

It may be lawfully imported and exported with no environmental laws infringements. There are many artists who're skilled in the art kinds of carving top quality Chinese zodiac creatures in mammoth ivory tusks. Intricate, delicate and superb, every tusk sells for a fortune while it can take over six months to really engrave a full-size mammoth tusk.

As it's been preserved in the permafrost for centuries, mammoth ivory tusks require very delicate manipulation while carving as they have a tendency to chip easily from the hands of an amateur career. 

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