Layers of Earth's Atmosphere

Earth's Atmosphere

The Earths air layers are comparable to the layers in the Earth's interior. There are four layers of air Above the Earth which are separated by temperature. A growing or decreasing temperature of that the gases in that the layer separates each layer of the layers.

The tropopause, stratopause are areas where two air layers progressively transition from one layer. Gases - air gases concentration varies depending upon the atmosphere layers. The troposphere contains primarily nitrogen and oxygen. 1% of the air gases. The stratosphere comprises a layer of high concentrations of ozone. The portion of the thermosphere is the ionosphere.

Layers of Earth's Atmosphere

Different Layers of Earth's Atmosphere

This layer has electrons and ions which result. The air becomes thinner as the molecules move more and further 18, Since the distance increases from Earth. Earths Atmosphere Layers - Troposphere - boundary is the Earth's surface.

The boundary varies between 14 km over the equator and 7 km over the poles. This is the layer of the air. The troposphere contains 75% of the atmosphere's mass. The air cools 6.5C for every kilometer above sea level. The vast majority of the energy from sunlight travels throughout the atmosphere and are absorbed by the ground. The ground warms up heating the air above creating air currents. 

Even the rising of warm atmosphere and falling of cooler atmosphere creates convection currents which cause air circulation in this stratum of the atmosphere. Stratosphere 7-17 kilometers to 50 kilometers - Even the lower limit is the tropopause that separates the stratosphere from the troposphere.

The upper border of the stratosphere is 50 km. The bottom coating of the stratosphere remains continuously at approximately 60C. Jet flows from here as cold air in the sticks meets the hottest air rising from the equator. Ozone is created when radiation in that the sun splits two-atom oxygen molecules to different atoms.

The composition of the atmosphere

They combine with some other two-atom molecules to form a 3 atom molecule. The coating acts as a shield in ultraviolet radiation in the sun. The top portion of the stratosphere warms up to about 18C as that the ozone reacts with ultraviolet radiation giving off enough heat to warm this coating.

Mesosphere - The mesosphere is the 3rd layer of the atmosphere. Even the temperature begins to drop in this coating until it reaches minus 90C. The top region of the mesosphere is the colder region of the Earths atmosphere layers. Water vapor is sometimes present at this coating and it could be seen from Earth as thin feathery clouds of ice crystals. Many meteors entering the air burn up in this layer.

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