what do you mean by dark energy

Dark energy 

As amounts of thing get squeezed down to terrifyingly cosmic drain holes black holes appear to be a part and parcel of the process of production. The universe exists in a state of change and growth since voids Bubble up between Walls of superclusters comprising numerous galaxies and quasars all. New cells will be created in a little number of the issue focusing back in the form of the dark thing and then or expanding voids. They're much easier to make, explaining why there is much darker than matter in the world since particles of matter are finer than particles of matter

what do you mean by dark energy

In these vast voids of dark particular energy involving galaxies, trillions of asymmetric virtual particles could Bubble up from the emptiness, producing vast, but very, very tenuous flows of particles which may eventually become subatomic particles such as neutrons or ponds of electrically charged particles of plasma down in galaxies in which it condenses into vast star construction nebulae.

Conventional astronomers assume these neutron fluxes came from the Big Bang. Along with dark matter, those currents of plasma make enormous filaments that form the spine of galaxy creation. Countless stars are created from all of these enormous and ever-present cosmic flows of charged particles most of that are quite invisible but could be discovered at different microwave oven frequencies.

Plasma particles accelerated

A few of the older stars and the most enormous new stars could form into black holes which at turn could give off more vast flows of charged particles through its intensely concentrated magnetic rods while giving off Hawking radiation before finally evaporating back into that the rest of that the world. Could new hydrogen atoms also form from the vast streams of plasma particles accelerated out from massive electrical magnetic energy vortexes piercing the center of vast black holes or quasars? If so, such hydrogen atoms would finally concentrate into nebulae, stars and eventually, form whole new worlds. There might be a continuous balance of...
  • expansion
  • production
  • regeneration

and recycling of old thing into new particles throughout the formation of particular energy vortices or black holes. 

There might, therefore, be a dynamic universal equilibrium or connection involving dark energy, black holes, and the production of new matter. It might very well be that the contracting particular energy of black holes along with other gravitational resources are dynamically and universally balanced by the ever-expanding and all-pervading influence of dark energy. There's considerable evidence to support that the idea that most galaxies, including our own Milky Way galaxy, must have in their center's supermassive gravitation wells in that the order of millions of solar masses.

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